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Company Name:  Gas One Lao Co., Ltd.

Address:  Plot No. A-03-07, located KM 21, on Saysettha Comprehensive Development Zone, Vientiane Capital, Lao P.D.R.

URL:  www.gasone-lao.com.la

Established:  January 2019

Registered Capital:  5 Million USD

Managing Director:  Mr. Koichi Yoshihara

Main Business:  Sell & distribute LPG for Household, Commercial and Industrial users in Laos.

Group Companies worldwide:

Unigas LLC in Mongolia, SOPET Gas One Co., Ltd. and Anpha Petroleum Group in Vietnam, 

PT Gas One Indonesia in Indonesia, Omera Gas One Ltd. in Bangladesh, 

Gas One Nepal Private Limited in Nepal, PAP Gas One Co., Ltd. in Thailand and

Gas One Energy India Private Ltd. in India.

Shareholders:  Saisan Co., Ltd. (60%), AMZ Group (40%)

Saisan Co., Ltd.:

President & CEO: Mr. Takehiko Kawamoto ( 3rd generation).

Headquarters: 1-11-5 Sakuragi-cho, Omiya-ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, JAPAN 330-0854.

Founded on October 1945 and established on September 1954.

Businesses: Sell & distribute various types of high pressure gases under brand of "Gas One", electric retail as "Ene One", drinking water as "Water One" and other Lifestyle related businesses.

Registered Capital : 95.4 million JPY.

Consolidated Turnover : 175.2 billion JPY in 2022.

Number of employees : 4,896 persons for Gas One Group in 2022.

Number of group companies : 68 companies.


Message from President & CEO of Saisan:

I am Takehiko Kawamoto, President and Chief Executive Officer of Saisan Co., Ltd.

We would like to express our deep appreciation for your continued support and patronage.

Since Saisan was founded more than 70 years ago in 1945, Saisan has continuously implemented “Customer First Policy” while simultaneously adhering to maintaining a high level of “Safety and Security” in our operations. Based on these philosophies, we have provided customers with various high-pressure gases including LPG for residential, commercial and automotive fuels as well as many kind of gases for industrial and medical uses together with its related equipment.

Until several years ago, our main target business area was limited only to the eastern part of Japan. However, we have now started to expand our business area all over Japan. We have established several footholds in the Chubu (Central Honshu), the Tohoku (North Honshu) and the Kansai (West Japan) areas. As of June 2019, we have 99 sales office, 18 filling stations, 38 subsidiaries all over Japan.

As for the overseas projects, we have been successfully expanding our LPG businesses in Mongolia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Laos and Thailand. These achievements resulted from the effective utilization of our LPG safety control technologies accumulated in our long history. As of today, we have 9 subsidiaries in 8 countries.

Under the ongoing full liberalization program of the electricity sector in Japan, the retail electricity market for residential use was opened in April 2016. We have entered this retail market with a new electricity brand, named “Ene One”. We also have achieved some positive results until now. Following the electricity market, the full liberalization of the city gas sector started from April 2017. We entered the city gas market aggressively as well to become a comprehensive energy supplier. We have shared our corporate policy with all our company staffs that the Gas One group aspires to be the most accessible home energy partner for customers.

The following is our vision in the year of 2045 which will be the 100th anniversary of the company’s foundation;

“Becoming a premier company in the Integrated energy and Lifestyle related businesses in our country and Asia-Pacific region.”

The Gas One group will try our best to achieve our Vision in 2045. We look forward to your continuous support.

Takehiko Kawamoto

President and Chief Executive Officer

July 2019

17 May 2023

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